A team of people with different backgrounds and expertise to offer customers a valuable solution and an innovative model capable of meeting ever-changing needs.

Fabrizio Crespi Morbio

Chief Executive Officer and President
As the main shareholder of the Step group, he supervised and oversaw its transformation and conversion from a typography for forms to a leading company in Italy in the provision of high value-added services and software solutions for all major banking and insurance groups in Italy. Previously he was CEO of the Forum Net Holding Group and followed the turnaround of Open Care, which he founded. He graduated from Bocconi in Economics.

Gregorio Cicogna Mozzoni

Director of Operations
In Step since 2008, he has been involved in the redesign of the company’s processes and operational organization: from logistics to IT procedures. He is responsible for the supply strategies and the production, stock rotation, and supplier management processes. He graduated from the Catholic University of Milan in Economics and Commerce.

Paolo Giacomo Faina

Commercial Director
In Step for over 10 years, he followed the development of innovative Supply Management, Branch Marketing, and Digital Transformation projects for the most important banking and insurance groups in Italy. Before joining Step, he was in Merrill Lynch and Open Care. He has a degree in Political Economics from Bocconi and a master’s degree from City University of London.

Roberta Repetti

Administrative and Human Resource Manager
In Step for 25 years, she follows the administrative and financial area and personnel management. Graduated in Economics and Commerce from the University of Pavia, she obtained a ‘Graduate Enterprise’ master’s degree and is specifically trained on organizational models in service companies, in addition to having a short experience as an auditor. She is in possession of the qualification to practice as a Chartered Accountant.

Nicolò Romani

‘Digital HUB’ Manager
In Step since 2019, he has been involved in Innovation and Digital Transformation for almost 25 years. He closely followed the first Internet Banking and Mobile Banking projects in Italy as well as the development of the Fintech ecosystem. He has a deep understanding of Digital Payment, Loyalty and Cyber Security, as well as Digital Assets at an international level. He graduated in Physics from the State University of Milan.

Giacomo Tomezzoli

Chief Innovation Officer
In Step since 2017, he has worked side by side with big Italian corporate groups in the field of offer development, re-engineering of sales processes, and image repositioning, acquiring a consolidated knowledge in support to the sales force and in the development of digital services. He has a degree in International Political Science from the University of Padua, has executive specializations in Marketing and Corporate Communication, and holds an Executive MBA from the CUOA Business School.
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